Omaha Golden K Portfolio Assignments

Each member of the Board of Directors has an assigned area.  The Board member is in charge in making sure the items they are responsible for are completed.  They may recruit other members of the club to help.  The follow is a listing of the different areas, the Board member in charge, the items they are responsible for and those members helping them.

Young Children: Priority One - Betty Foster
Parents as Partners: Carolyn Law, Linda  Placzek
Eliminate Project: Linda Placzek, Don Egr
NE IA Literacy Grant: Linda Placek, Carolyn Law

Service Leadership Programs – Georgiann Benish
Walnut Creek Elementary K Kids: Carolyn Law
Burke High Key Club: Carolyn Law   
K Kids Club Franklin School: Betty Crawford
Key Club Scholarships for Key Leadership Camp
K Kids Scholarship for Camp OK: Carolyn Law
Distinguished Young Women: Sara Young
Key Club Scholarships for College
Conestoga Reading Program: Linda Placzek
Franklin Reading Program: Steve Maji

Community Services – Ed Atkinson
All Play - Rob Rohrbough
Salvation Army Bell Ringers and Kettle Club: Frank Watt
Food Bank for the Heartland: Ted Killham
Adopt a Family Christmas:
Millard North Mock Interviews: Bob Balzerick
Airport Information Ambassadors: Norm Marfice
Rainbow House: Barbra Lund-Irvin

Membership and Education: Bob Kully
Guest Invitations and Information
New Member Orientation: John Young
Member Attendance: Dean Marshall
Member Roster: Norm Marfice
Member Photo Gallery: Norm Marfice, Chris Olson
Membership Recruitment: Bob Kully

Human and Spiritual Values: Bill Gordon
Weekly Invocations: Bill Gordon
Health Report and Thought for the Day: Bill Gordon
Get Well and Sympathy Cards: Bill Gordon
Birthday and Weddings: Don McWhirter
Club Membership Commemorations: Dale Harris
Hospital, Recovery Hospice Visits: Don McWhirter
Valentines for Vets: Norm Marfice
Toll the Bell Ceremony: Bill Gordon
Golf League: Don Swanson

Finance and Fund-raising: Paul Springsted
Audit: Jerry Bland, Roman Uhing
Fund-raising: Paul Springsted
Budget Administration: Linda Placzek
Club Foundation: Bob Hasebroock, Jerry Bland

Public Relations: Chris Olson
Publish Monthly Membergram: Dale Harris
Maintain Club Website: Norm Marfice, Bob Williams
Photography  at Club Meetings & Events: Norm Marfice
Develop contact with Local Media: Chris Olson

Programs: Chris Olson
Recruit Monthly Program Chairs: Chris Olson
One Minute Information Spots: Chris Olson

Administration: Barbara Lund-Irvin
Meeting Preparation and Music: John Young, Sam Wall
Interclubs: Dave Sanders
Dine Outs & Installation Dinner: Betty Foster, John Fifer, Janet Davis
Risk Management: Don Egr
Nominating Committee: Dick Williams, Chris Olson, Barbara Lund-Irvin
Club Excellence Success Survey: Barbara Lund-Irvin

Special Advisor: Past President Nancy Haack